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LinuxForce, Inc. Latest News -- 20 October 2009

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Date: October 20, 2009
LinuxForce Contact: CJ Fearnley, (610) 734-1900

LinuxForce Launches Three New Educational Initiatives for Business Leaders

Philadelphia, PA — 20 October 2009 — LinuxForce, Inc., a leading information technology services firm and a thought leader in the management of Linux and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), today announced the launch of three new educational initiatives to help organizations working to do more with technology at a lower cost.

The three new educational tools include a free seminar on 29 October 2009, an industry blog and a website. Each is focused on helping educate the business community about effectively managing free and open source software (FOSS) to deliver business results and lower costs.

In these tough economic times, the high cost of investing in and upgrading expensive business software has become a source of increasing concern. The growing industry move to Linux and FOSS has provided a reliable, secure, lower cost alternative to more traditional software tools. LinuxForce is dedicated to helping people understand the real power of open source software so that more organizations can make the transition to Linux-based FOSS systems.

"These three educational initiatives will help organizations learn more about managing FOSS to lower costs and achieve business results", says CJ Fearnley, LinuxForce's CEO. "The seminar, blog and website will each provide insights on the benefits of using a FOSS infrastructure."

The free educational seminar, entitled Managing FOSS for Business Results, will be held on Thursday, October 29, from 9 am to 12 pm, at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. A team of FOSS subject experts will share information with attendees on how to leverage the benefits of FOSS to achieve business results. Seating is limited, call 610-734-1900 or find out more on the event registration page,

The new LinuxForce blog will address issues of concern to business, financial, and technology leaders as well as provide commentary on the IT industry, systems and network administration, and security. In addition to its focus on the benefits of FOSS and on how to manage FOSS, the blog will cover topics such as reviews of the best in breed FOSS and other FOSS resources, installation, configuration, integration, automation, delegation, migration, upgrades, and more.

The LinuxForce team has also launched a new website, to explain the business benefits of professional management of FOSS. FOSS encompasses thousands of applications and tools (including the Apache web server, the Linux operating system, databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, the Samba file server, Nagios for network monitoring); making decisions about which to use and how to integrate them is made easier with expert help. Our website documents some of the benefits that a partnership with LinuxForce can provide.

For organizations considering the use of Linux and/or FOSS to reduce their operational costs, or interested in finding out more about these alternatives, the website, blog, and seminar provide new resources to help understand the management of FOSS-based systems.

About The Seminar
The Seminar on Managing FOSS for Business Results will show participants how to harness the power of FOSS for their organizations. For more information on the seminar visit the registration page

About The New Blog
The new blog, Managing FOSS for Business Results is a place for LinuxForce to share and discuss its thoughts, observations, and research on the full spectrum of issues involved in FOSS administration. To read the blog visit

About The New Website
The new website Remote Responder℠ explains in terms business stakeholders can understand, LinuxForce's advanced approach to IT (Information Technology) systems management to help organizations achieve business results with FOSS. To learn more about Remote Responder℠ visit the website at

About LinuxForce Inc.
LinuxForce℠ is a leading technology services provider specializing in the development, implementation, management and support of Linux-based systems, with a particular expertise in Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. LinuxForce's leadership and track record of delivering positive business results since its founding in 1996 have made it the "go-to" firm for solutions providers, companies, educational institutions and other organizations wanting to migrate to Linux from Windows and other proprietary operating systems, migrate from commercial Linux distributions (such as Red Hat and SUSE) to the more stable, secure and flexible ones like Debian/GNU and Ubuntu, outsource the administration of their Linux-based systems, and support open source applications such as web services, E-Mail, firewalls, databases, eCommerce and VoIP. For more information on LinuxForce, Remote Responder℠, LinuxForce Monitoring℠ or reseller opportunities, e-mail, or call (610) 734-1900. Visit LinuxForce on the Web at

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