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LinuxForce, Inc. Latest News -- 15 November 2007

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Date: November 15, 2007
Contact: CJ Fearnley / 610.734.1900

Debian Administration published an article on how to simplify VPN (Virtual Private Network) authentication management

Upper Darby, PA — 15 November 2007 — LinuxForce ( announced today that Debian Administration has published a technical article it submitted on how to simplify VPN (Virtual Private Network) authentication management with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

The article reviews the state of the art in FOSS VPN technology and then documents how to integrate and simplify VPN authentication management with a Public Key Infrastructure or PKI.

"The VPN capabilities of the Linux operating system are world class," said CJ Fearnley, President and CEO of LinuxForce. "However, the information needed to configure these sophisticated subsystems is not widely available. By publishing these technical details, LinuxForce has demonstrated that VPN servers built on Debian GNU/Linux are not only maintainable across major operating system releases (one of Debian's unique and industry leading benefits), but flexible and functional beyond what is possible with commercial alternatives."

The Debian Administration article, which is entitled, "Scalable Public Key Infrastructure for both OpenSWAN and OpenVPN" may be found on-line at

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