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LinuxForce, Inc. Latest News -- 30 April 2001

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Date: April 30, 2001
Contact: Craig Chapman
Phone: 303 544 0300

AdminForce Remote Introduces APW-1, the AdminForce Powerwall

Boulder, CO — April 30, 2001 —  AdminForce Remote LLC today announced the introduction of a new security product which will be marketed as, the AdminForce Powerwall or APW-1.

APW-1 includes a unique automated intrusion report capability. The Intrusion Attempt Report is automatically forwarded to the client and the AdminForce Remote Monitoring Center. APW-1 includes a full set of firewall control facilities such as packet blocking rules, private IP address masquerading, port redirection, etc. APW-1 also includes service proxies for ftp, web, DNS, CUSeeMe, and more.

Charles Fleming, CEO of AdminForce Remote said "network security will now present a new level of difficulty for intruders on networks that have APW-1 installed." He further said that this product "adds an element of offense to the security issue. Until now, Firewalls have been the modern equivalent of the medieval castle with a defensive siege structure, but firewalls do not have the ability to pour hot oil on attempted plunderers. The modern attackers are hidden behind a maze of network complexity."

Quick and automated detection is part of the AdminForce Powerwall. The intrusion is blocked and then followed by an automated report to the client. An AdminForce rapid response element is prepared to react to identify the source and follow up with notification of the appropriate Law Enforcement Computer Crime Unit if the client desires this follow up.

The AdminForce Powerwall is Linux-based and can include content filtering and automated reporting, if this is a client requirement. The genesis of the product was designed by LinuxForce, the development affiliate of AdminForce Remote, to meet the needs of large enterprise clients. The product is being brought to market at a price level that will make it available to businesses that previously could not afford this sophisticated level of network protection.

About LinuxForce Inc.
LinuxForce provides a focal point for Linux® service and support to the institutional, professional services, corporate, and academic communities. LinuxForce offers a broad range of assessment, custom programming and product development services. LinuxForce offers technical support, consulting services, education, product services, and open source development services. It utilizes in-house technicians, a network of associates, specialists, and the web community. LinuxForce is headquartered in Philadelphia with offices in Irvine, CA and Boulder, CO. For more information about LinuxForce refer to or call the corporate offices at 1-610-734-1900.

About AdminForce Remote LLC
AdminForce Remote, LLC is a professional services company with a focus on delivering outsourced Internet systems administration services. AdminForce Remote delivers the AdminForce Remote family of service products to clients, providing the advanced, automated, administration service that they depend upon for their business operations. AdminForce Remote provides automated server monitoring, reporting and upgrading while significantly decreasing operating costs for client Information Systems departments. AdminForce Remote is an affiliate of LinuxForce, Inc. The two companies combine complementary skill sets to deliver outstanding service to their customers. Our complete, professional, team approach to systems management is based on a customer value orientation which ensures that you will get the service you require. We strive to exceed customer expectations and meet all of your needs. For more information about AdminForce Remote refer to or call our corporate offices at 1-610-734-1900.

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