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LinuxForce Migration Services

Whether you are migrating one system or your whole server room, LinuxForce can help. We are the Linux migration experts. We have migrated whole server clusters and mission critical systems smoothly and without notably disrupting operations.

We have migrated systems for AIG, AFLAC, the Franklin Institute Science Museum and many more organizations. Contact us to find out how we can help you plan and manage your migration to Linux (such as Debian GNU/Linux) and other open source software.

The LinuxForce Migration Methodology

  1. Preliminary Audit.
    An audit of existing systems to comprehensively understand the hardware, software, communications protocols, user and software interfaces, security requirements, etc. involved in the system(s) to be migrated.
  2. Specifications.
    Specify and engineer the new post-migration environment.
  3. Test Deployment.
    Deploy the new post-migration system in a test environment.
  4. Testing.
    Once our migration technicians have completely tested the components, all business constituencies need to thoroughly test the new system(s) to ensure that their particular needs will be met by the new system.
  5. Migration.
    Implement the detailed step-by-step plan to transition the old environment out and bring the new environment into production service as seamlessly as possible (often zero or near zero downtime plans can be developed).
  6. Evaluation.
    Evaluate the effectiveness of the migration on an ongoing basis and make recommendations designed to ensure continued, positive business results.

To maintain and monitor migrated systems on an on-going basis, our Remote Responder℠ services are usually included with a Migration Services solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how our migration solutions can help your buesiness move forward.

Why Migrate to Linux

There are many good reasons to migrate to Linux and open source software including:

  • Freedom from the concerns of software licensing. Using lock-in (or proprietary) software requires tracking software licenses and usage, which demands extra administration and legal exposure. Both raise costs.
  • High reliability. Linux and open source software are transparent and is peer-reviewed. It is scrutinized and tested by many users and developers around the world - a resource pool that not even the largest software monopoly can afford. The result is mature code that makes for quality software.
  • Migrations can generally be accomplished without adversely affecting users.
  • Linux and open source software are more adaptable, and repairable than lock-in software. That means anyone with the necessary skill set can audit the software, modify it to fix a bug or glitch, or improve it to better meet business needs.
  • Linux works on less expensive, more diverse and scalable hardware platforms.
  • Linux and open source software are based on open standards, it maximizes your options as your systems evolve.
  • Linux and open source software provide a greater level of security.
  • Licensing cost: $0.


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