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LinuxForce, Inc. Latest News -- 4 April 2006

For Immediate Release

Date: April 4, 2006
Contact: CJ Fearnley / 610.734.1900

LinuxForceSM Releases Version 3.0 of Acclaimed Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Service;
Featuring Comprehensive, Aggressive SMTP-Time Rules for E-Mail Hygiene

UPPER DARBY, PA - APRIL 4, 2006 - In the face of the continuing onslaught of spam, virus and worm attacks, LinuxForce, Inc. - a leading technology services provider specializing in the development, implementation, management and support of Linux-based systems, with a particular expertise in Debian GNU/Linux - today announced the release of LinuxForceMail, version 3.0, and not a moment too soon considering the latest spam statistics.

According to the Web research site, Top Ten Reviews, based on statistics derived from a number of reputable sources including: Google, Brightmail, Jupiter Research, eMarketer, Gartner, MailShell, Harris Interactive, and Ferris Research, spam continues to increase. The site estimates that spam will increase by 63% by 2007. Currently, 40% of all email is considered spam. The cost to all U.S. corporations is nearly $10 billion.

"Spammers, virus writers and producers of other malware are ingenious and unrelenting," says LinuxForce President and CEO, CJ Fearnley. "Left unchecked, their 'products' can compromise or disable systems, degrade performance, corrupt or steal data and ultimately ruin an organization's reputation among its customers and other stakeholders."

Version 3.0 Enhancements Make a Powerful Solution Even More Effective

"We developed LinuxForceMailSM as a multi-tiered, anti-abuse service to block and remove as much as 99.4% of unwanted e-mail", says Fearnley. "We deliver LinuxForceMail as Software as a Service (SaaS) with remotely provided systems administration (our flagship Remote ResponderSM service) for one or more Debian GNU/Linux servers. Hardware can be supplied by the client or a virtual or dedicated collocation provider. Turnkey solutions with hardware are provided in conjunction with CrafTech Computer Solutions."

LinuxForceMail, version 3.0 contains numerous enhancements to the LinuxForceMail 2.0 series including considerable improvements to the SMTP- time anti-spam configuration, ensuring that suspicious e-mails are either deferred or rejected before any Internet bandwidth, CPU, or disk is expended with content filtering.

The LinuxForceMail service includes service monitoring, a host-based firewall, security upgrades, investigation of anomalies, continual updating of the comprehensive aggressive SMTP-time hygiene rules, continual updating of the open-source ClamAV (anti-virus) and Spamassassin (content filtering) rules, regular reporting of statistics, proactive maintenance, and support to free organizations' IT staff to focus on more pressing, mission-critical work.

Spammers Never Sleep; Neither Does LinuxForceMail

LinuxForceMail users such as CrafTech Computer Solutions and The Franklin Institute Science Museum have experienced the power of the solution first-hand and many others consider it indispensable.

Tony Rocha of CrafTech Computer Solutions, LinuxForce's premiere reseller said "The spam problem was extremely out of control for us about a year ago. LinuxForce helped us build a cluster to handle the heavy load imposed by Spamassassin's content filtering. Now with Version 3.0, the load on our cluster has gotten so low that we could probably decommission half of it."

"LinuxForceMail has enabled our Web team to rest easy," says Karen Elinich, Director of Educational Technology at The Franklin Institute. "Our statistics prove that LinuxForceMail is significantly reducing the number of junk messages my team receives. As a result, we have more time available to do the science learning work that really matters."

About LinuxForce Inc.
LinuxForceSM is a leading technology services provider specializing in the development, implementation, management and support of Linux-based systems, with a particular expertise in Debian GNU/Linux. LinuxForce's leadership and track record of delivering positive business results since its founding in 1996 have made it the "go-to" firm for companies, government agencies, educational institutions and other organizations wanting to migrate to Linux from Windows and other proprietary operating systems, migrate from commercial Linux distributions (such as Red Hat and SUSE) to the more stable, secure and flexible Debian, outsource the administration of their Linux-based systems, and support open source applications. For more information on LinuxForce, LinuxForceMail or reseller opportunities, email, or call 610-734-1900.

``LinuxForce,'' ``LinuxForceMail'', and ``Remote Responder'' are service marks owned by LinuxForce, Inc.

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