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LinuxForce, Inc. Latest News -- 22 November 1999

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Date: November 22, 1999
Contact: Craig Chapman
Phone: 610 734 1900

LinuxForce Inc. Opens California Office

Philadelphia PA -- LinuxForce Inc announced today the opening of an office in Irvine California. The company has finalized a representation agreement with Dr. Mostafa Eldefrawy, President of Cyberloft Inc located in Irvine CA. The Irvine office will provide engineering sales support and installations of LinuxForce products and services for small- and medium-sized enterprise. LinuxForce also provides a full range of service and support options for the growing number of businesses that are switching to the Linux system for critical areas of operations that require robust, stable characteristics.

Chris Fearnley, LinuxForce Senior Vice President Technology said: "The addition of Mostafa, who earned his PhD. from the University of Pennsylvania, to the talented group of Linux engineers working with LinuxForce is an exciting event. This gives us a significant presence on the West Coast as we pursue our expansion goals. Mostafa has a complete understanding of our end-to-end solution philosophy. He was active in providing support to the advancement of Linux when it was less well-known."

Mr. Fearnley added: "The announcement at Comdex of the release of Corel LINUX last week may be a seminal event in computing history. The introduction of a full suite of office productivity tools to Linux will remove the last impediment to the widespread adoption of Linux in the business world. LinuxForce is determined to meet the challenge of providing businesses with the quality service and support they need as they migrate to Linux for more dependable operations. Talent such as that represented by Dr. Eldefrawy will enable us to provide that quality."

LinuxForce Inc. is a company of computer professionals with a Linux base for support, service, and development activities. The LinuxForce Hardware Division builds a line of high-end Linux-driven Web Servers, File Servers and E-mail servers. The LinuxForce Development Division writes custom software necessary to fulfill complex computing requirements. The LinuxForce Consulting Division provides professional advice and system customizations to businesses seeking a stable computer operating environment.

To find out more about LinuxForce refer to or call corporate offices at 1 610 734 1900.

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