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LinuxForce, Inc. Latest News -- 8 November 2001

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Date: 8 November 2001
Contact: Craig Chapman
Phone: 303 544 0300

LinuxForce Inc. announces release of a new Network Security Product

LinuxForce Inc. announced today AdminForce CGI Auto Audit as the newest addition to its line of automated network security products.

Boulder, CO — November 8, 2001 —  LinuxForce Inc. the leading provider of Linux products and migration services to commercial and institutional computer network operations announced the release of a newly developed automated CGI Script analyzer which quickly and economically manages CGI script structure and identifies potential security deficiencies. The product has been named AdminForce CGI Auto Audit.

The LinuxForce Perl and Shell CGI analysis scripts identify dangerous CGI constructs so that they can be fixed. These automated routines allow hundreds of scripts per day to be analyzed with the same level of quality as a traditional line-by-line audit.

A library of metacharacter "scrubbing" routines are provided to assist with the CGI clean-up operations. A team of CGI programmers can quickly adjust the scripts to account for false positives that may be encountered to further accelerate the testing process.

CGI testing can be conducted remotely, so that expensive on-site visits by programmers is not needed in most cases.

Charles B Fleming President & CEO of LinuxForce said: "This product was initially developed in response to the need of a highly prestigious client with a large number of CGI scripts written through the years. There had been minimal attention given to security issues. A need was recognized to quickly and inexpensively audit the scripts and improve security in their operations. The LinuxForce development team responded in record time to meet the clients security needs in regard to their CGI Scripts. Further refinement has produced this product which will now prove useful to a broad range of companies with heightened security concerns".

AdminForce LLC is the LinuxForce affiliate that will handle distribution of the AForce CGI Auto Audit. The CGI Script Security Auditing product represents the latest in a growing product line of Linux based security and remote administration products developed and marketed by the LinuxForce/Adminforce Team.

About LinuxForce Inc.
LinuxForce provides a focal point for Linux® service and support to the institutional, professional services, corporate, and academic communities. LinuxForce offers a broad range of assessment, custom programming and product development services. LinuxForce offers technical support, consulting services, education, product services, and open source development services. It utilizes in-house technicians, a network of associates, specialists, and the web community. LinuxForce is headquartered in Philadelphia with offices in Irvine, CA and Boulder, CO. For more information about LinuxForce refer to or call the corporate offices at 1-610-734-1900.

About AdminForce Remote LLC
AdminForce Remote, LLC is a professional services company with a focus on delivering outsourced Internet systems administration services. AdminForce Remote delivers the AdminForce Remote® family of service products to clients providing the advanced, automated, administration service that they depend upon for their business operations. AdminForce Remote provides automated server monitoring, reporting and upgrading while significantly decreasing operating costs for client Information Systems departments. AdminForce Remote is an affiliate of LinuxForce, Inc. The two companies combine complementary skill sets to deliver outstanding service to their customers. Our complete, professional, team approach to systems management is based on a customer value orientation which ensures that you will get the service you require. We strive to exceed customer expectations and meet all of your needs. For more information about AdminForce Remote refer to or call our corporate offices at 1-610-734-1900.

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