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Systems Monitoring

LinuxForce Systems Monitoring Provides Round the Clock Protection For Your Business

Businesses that depend on reliable computing operations need a comprehensive monitoring solution to:

  • Provide timely notification at the office or on the go when a problem arises;
  • Provide a web-based summary to see at a glance the status of your systems, services, and networks;
  • Trace the origin of an issue so it can be rapidly corrected;
  • Provide precautions to prevent most false alarms.

LinuxForce's Systems Monitoring delivers network and host monitoring protection to your small or mid-sized business previously only available to larger organizations

IT professionals will appreciate the labor saving features which include:

  • Uses Nagios version 3, the best of breed in monitoring solutions in the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) world;
  • 50- to 100-fold simplification in the configuration of Nagios;
  • Over 150 plug-ins to monitor a plethora of services;
  • Automates management of Nagios leaf nodes and aggregators (leaf nodes are recommended to reduce false alerts due to network outages that may affect remote offices).

LinuxForce's Systems Monitoring can be purchased as an on-going service or as a one-time consulting or software transaction. E-Mail us or call 610-734-1900 to find out how we can provide the infrastructure to meet your business' monitoring needs.

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