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E-Mail Protection

E-mail is the most heavily used and mission-critical application in most organizations. Anything that negatively impacts its availability or performance can bring business to a screeching halt.

Knowing this, spammers, virus writers and producers of other malware deliberately target e-mail systems in unrelenting and ingenious ways. Their "products" routinely compromise or disable systems, degrade performance, corrupt or steal data. They can even ruin an organization's hard earned reputation.

To combat these malicious attacks, we developed our unique e-mail protection service.

Our solution is a multi-tiered, anti-abuse service that blocks and removes as much as 99.4% of unwanted e-mail. It is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), with remotely provided systems administration (our Remote Responder℠ service) for one or more Debian GNU/Linux servers (or virtual servers).

Read our E-Mail Protection case study

Download our article on Leveraging Linux and Managed Services To Lock Out Cyber Criminals and Keep Your Systems Humming,

The E-Mail Protection service includes:

  • continual updating of the comprehensive aggressive SMTP-time hygiene rules
  • continual updating of the open-source ClamAV (anti-virus) and Spamassassin (content filtering) rules
  • security upgrades
  • service monitoring
  • a host-based firewall
  • investigation of anomalies
  • proactive maintenance, and
  • regular reporting of statistics
  • support to free your IT staff to focus on more pressing, mission-critical work.

Follow this link for a complete list of E-Mail protection capabilities.

Our E-Mail Protection Services Can Also Provide Your Whole E-Mail System

While our e-mail system can be placed in front of your Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or other mail server to protect them, it can also function as your complete e-mail system. It's that flexible, robust and reliable.

For more information, read our E-Mail Protection case study. Then, if you have any questions, e-mail us or call us at 610-734-1900.

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