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Security and Firewall Services

LinuxForce offers Managed Security Services (including Firewall Protection) Customized for your Organization's Needs

For most businesses a firewall, though essential, is not enough to protect against the widespread threats of Internet crime, intrusion, data loss, compromised confidentiality, denial of service and other attacks. To protect your network you need to employ industry best practices to develop a comprehensive, anticipatory, and salient security solution for your specific needs and unique risks. The solution needs to be dynamic to keep current with the constant, mostly unpredicatable change that is normal in an Internet-connected, global, technology-driven world. Our customized firewalls include not just a battle-tested set of security software, but we diligently employ comprehensive security maintenance and monitoring procedures on an on-going basis to keep your biggest risks maximally abated. Our service builds and manages your security so that your staff can focus on your business rather than the complications of maintaining the security and integrity of your information technology (IT) infrastructure.

LinuxForce can secure your business' Internet access gateway.

LinuxForce's security and firewall services provides your business with a professional security partner (akin to the CSO or Chief Security Officer that larger businesses employ) to assess, design, implement, and maintain IT security. Our process starts with learning your business security requirements and analyzing the risks and concerns you face. Then we start building a security process for your business and its special case technical, strategic, and budgetary needs. This might include detailed analyses of sensitive subsystems and the identification of important remedial actions. Finally, we develop an on-going plan for security maintenance to ensure that diligence-based, concrete, security practices are in place for on-going security mitigation.

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Our managed firewall/VPN gateway service employs multi-layered defenses built upon advanced Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) technology and the Debian GNU/Linux operating system (OS). One key element of our solution is the ability to connect your employees from home, airport, hotels, or branch offices to your security sensitive systems with a cryptographically protected Virtual Private Network or VPN. We use both Openswan (for IPSec VPNs) and OpenVPN (for SSL VPNs) to provide an appropriate VPN structure to meet your needs. Other components may include ClamAV (for filtering viruses out of web traffic), Squid (for web caching), DansGuardian (for web content filtering and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) enforcement and monitoring) & iptables/netfilter (for the basic stateful packet firewall function).

E-Mail us or call us at 610-734-1900 to find out how our expert technical staff can remotely manage your IT security with our services. We can deliver network protection capabilities to your small or mid-sized business previously only available to larger organizations.

Follow this link for a complete list of LinuxForce's firewall capabilities.

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