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Open Source Planning

Every organization needs an Open Source Plan

KB Toys has one. eBay has one. Disney has one. About 86 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies now are either deploying or testing key open source products, and 35 percent of them are deploying more than 20 percent of their systems in open source according to Larry Augustin of Azure Capital Partners. Eleven percent of Fortune 1000 companies report that more than 20 percent of their applications are open source. In addition, Open Source provides a way to mitigate the vulnerabilities inherent in over-reliance on a single operating system. CIO magazine published an in depth article, Your Open Source Plan, which explains in detail why every organization needs an Open Source Plan.

Open Source Planning with LinuxForce

LinuxForce can customize an Open Source plan specifically for your business. Our sales and engineering staff will show you how and why Open Source is fast becoming an essential component of every organization's software infrastructure.

LinuxForce's expert team will examine each of your computing systems to identify opportunities where Open Source can improve the cost, performance, reliability, and security of your operations. Then we will present a detailed, written Open Source Plan for your organization. The Plan will include short- and long-term recommendations for rolling out Open Source software to benefit your organization.

Contact us today to speak to a representative about developing a plan to bring Free and Open Source Software to your organization.

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