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Thursday,   30   November   2023

LinuxForce Hosting Services

Hosting is the provisioning, running, and maintaining of infrastructure for your organization's computing operations. In the broadest sense, that includes hosting your computing in your own facilities, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud. LinuxForce Hosting Services can help meet your computing operations needs by offering hosting consulting services, hosting infrastructure services, and on-going management and monitoring of your hosting infrastructure.

LinuxForce Hosting Consulting Services

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   licence: LinuxForce's twenty years of providing systems administration and monitoring services in a variety of settings gives us a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to help you strategize, design, audit, provision, monitor, backup, upgrade, re-factor, migrate, and/or maintain your hosting infrastructure. And we can do it on any public or private, physical or cloud infrastructure that suits your business situation.

To learn how we can help you plan, re-imagine, provision, or maintain your hosting infrastructure, contact us by e-mail or call us at 610-734-1900.

LinuxForce Infrastructure Services

Public Domain image of Roadrunner supercomputerLinuxForce maintains a world-class hosting environment at TierPoint's Philadelphia Navy Yard facility. It is a carrier-class, carrier neutral facility that features four high-voltage PECO power feeds, N+1 redundant electrical design and distribution, multiple, diverse fiber feeds with 10Gb connectivity, 24x7x365 electronic and physical security, and more.

Our Infrastructure Services are built on top of LinuxForce Cluster Services to provide hardware redundancy. That means that every bit of data that changes on your hosted systems is copied to a redundant server in case of a hardware glitch.

Our value proposition is providing incisive maintenance and monitoring delivered with human service. We strive to understand your particular business situation and to co-design with you an infrastructure that will serve your business interests. Our Hosting Services are delivered as a mutually agreed collaboration. So you do not need to learn complicated provisioning systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or cPanel. Instead we listen to your business situation and design a Hosting Infrastructure that makes sense for you.

We offer these core Infrastructure Services at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and we can host them on your private or public cloud too:

LinuxForce Remote Responder℠ Services

Too few hosting providers emphasize the importance of on-going systems maintenance and monitoring. But to be aware of problems, you need good monitoring. And to ensure site security, it is essential that upgrades are proactively applied. At LinuxForce, systems administration is our core competency; it is the basis of our flagship Remote Responder℠ service.

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   licence: Unless you have a team of skilled systems administrators, we always recommend our Remote Responder℠ service. It is part of our basic backups, web, WordPress, Drupal, and e-mail hosting services. It is optional for our monitoring, VM, and dedicated server offerings.

For more information, download Remote Responder℠ detailed description and read our Remote Responder℠ case study.

For more information, or if you have any questions, e-mail or call us at 610-734-1900.

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