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LinuxForce's Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision Statement

LinuxForce℠ acknowledge the synergies and responsibilities inherent in the complex of local and dispersed (including Internet-based), partially overlapping, always inter-transforming organizations of people ("communities") as the most significant evolutionary force in our society, our economy and our business.

Our broadest aim is to employ a comprehensively considerate, anticipatory, design science approach to service those communities with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) technology.

Mission Statement

LinuxForce's mission is to provide responsible, incisive, anticipatory, and regenerative software solutions built on Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, and the rest of Humanity's FOSS endowment to economically service the information technology needs of organizations of all types and size.

LinuxForce's Goals

  1. To provide service and support for Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, and other FOSS software.
  2. To establish our primary services product, Remote Responder℠, as a significant improvement in the state of the art for comprehensive, anticipatory computer systems administration.
  3. To help establish Debian GNU/Linux (including its derivatives such as Ubuntu) as the world's most prevalent operating system, on average, across all market segments including server, embedded, mainframe, workstation, desktop, and laptop.

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