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Welcome to LinuxForce

LinuxForce℠ delivers solutions, services and support you can build your business and your career on.

To realize the promise of information technology in your business - namely efficiency, cost-savings and competitive advantage - you need:

  • a reliable, robust IT infrastructure,
  • a network that supports rapid, dependable data communication (e.g. transaction processing, application access and email),
  • productivity applications that support business processes and decision-making,
  • security to protect your systems and sensitive information,
  • the ability to monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure optimum performance and continuous operation, and,
  • a low total cost of ownership.

In other words, you need Linux and LinuxForce.

LinuxForce℠ is a leading technology services provider specializing in the development, implementation, management and support of Linux-based systems, with a particular expertise in Debian GNU/Linux, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu.

Since 1996, LinuxForce's leadership and track record of delivering positive business results have made it the "go-to" firm for companies wanting professional services to:

  • migrate to Linux from Windows and other proprietary operating systems,
  • migrate from commercial Linux distributions (such as Red Hat and SUSE) to the more stable, secure and flexible Debian (Mint or Ubuntu),
  • outsource the administration of their Linux-based systems, and
  • support open source applications.

LinuxForce℠ is centered in the greater Philadelphia region, but can remotely deliver services via the Internet for clients around the world.

Learn more about our capabilities and services and how we work with clients to help them achieve and exceed their business goals.

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