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Systems Monitoring Capabilities

LinuxForce Monitoring Provides Round the Clock Protection For Your Business

Key Capabilities and Benefits of the LinuxForce Systems Monitoring Services:

  • Support for reliable computing operations by providing a continuous (24x7), comprehensive, fine-tuned monitoring service.
  • Support for alerts and alert escalations so you can quickly respond to an outage.
  • Support for a secure web-based summary to see at a glance the status of your systems, services and networks.
  • By leveraging service, host and network dependencies, LinuxForce Systems Monitoring helps pinpoint the real, underlying cause of an outage.
  • Support for an architecture with leaf nodes and a whole system aggregator to reduce the number of false alerms due to network blips.
  • Our services are built on the best in breed monitoring solution in the FOSS world: Nagios version 3 (see the Nagios Homepage or the the Nagios Wikipedia entry).
  • The LinuxForce Systems Monitoring configuration system provides a 50- to 100-fold simplification in the configuration of Nagios. Our configuration system provides the following improvements over stock Nagios:
    • It simplifies configuring most Nagios objects including Hosts, Host Dependencies, Host Escalations, Host Groups, Services, Service Groups, Service Dependencies, Service Escalations, Contacts, Contact Groups, Commands, and Extended Host Information.
    • It automatically configures most service dependencies.
    • It simplifies the specification of the network topology and their dependency trees.
    • In addition to the basic Nagios plug-ins, our service can provide more than 150 extra tests to monitor such services as web sites, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Asterisk (both SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and IAX (Inter Asterisk eXchange)), ClamAV, Mailman, and even MythTV.
    • Automatically provides Host, Service, and Network based views of your systems.
    • It simplifies NRPE (Nagios Remote Plug-in Executor) management by automatically pushing changes to each NRPE client (NRPE allows clients to run local tests such as disk, memory, cpu, system load, and other usage tests, plus tests to ensure critical processes are running, etc.).
    • The LinuxForce Systems Monitoring configuration system automatically pushes configurations from the aggregator to the leaf nodes.
    • When a monitoring configuration is changed our infrastructure automatically checks the syntax for errors before it restarts the Nagios service using a robust script that we have battle tested.
    • Support to manage Nagios's Contacts and Contact Groups objects to delegate web-based access to each of your customers so they can check their own networks for IT consulting organizations with many customers.
    • Support to monitor Windows systems with SNMP and/or NSClient++.
  • LinuxForce Systems Monitoring Services can be delivered in a variety of ways to meet your business requirements:
    1. As a Managed Service: LinuxForce runs its own monitoring system and can delegate web-based access to customers to check the status of their monitored systems.
    2. With our with Remote Responder℠ Service: LinuxForce will manage and monitor one of your servers running our monitoring infrastructure to protect your IT assets.
    3. LinuxForce Software installation services: LinuxForce maintains a suite of scripts to provide a monitoring infrastructure with the functionality described above. We can install and configure the software and train your staff to use it.
    4. LinuxForce Professional Services: we will assist your organization evaluate, design, install, configure, customize, enhance, and train on our monitoring infrastructure and its configuration system.
  • LinuxForce Systems Monitoring is a key component of our suite of systems administration services including:

LinuxForce's Systems Monitoring delivers network monitoring protection to your small or mid-sized business previously only available to larger organizations

E-Mail us or call 610-734-1900 to find out how LinuxForce Monitoring can provide the infrastructure to meet your business' monitoring needs.

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