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Thursday,   30   November   2023

Debian GNU/Linux


From working with the major Linux distributions (software built around the Linux kernel to ease installation, administration, and use) over the years, LinuxForce learned that not all of them are as open, flexible, functional, secure and easy to maintain as they would have you believe.

Debian GNU/Linux, however, is in a class of its own.

Debian is the most stable and popular non-commercial Linux distribution. It is maintained by a global community of over 1,200 registered developers dedicated to improving and enhancing its functionality. As a result, new versions of Debian are released only when they are ready. Compare that to commercial operating systems like Windows, which release new versions, ready or not, to ensure an ongoing revenue stream. Debian, on the other hand is free. Period.

The package management tools in Debian are so well-developed that even commercial Linux distributions such as Red Hat have implemented Debian's technology to handle their packages. Debian's base has been adapted by other distributions such as the popular LiveCD Knoppix, the commercial Linspire for desktop users, and the very popular non-commercial Ubuntu for desktop users. Debian is an innovation leader that has already spawned a generation of other innovative distributions.

Debian itself has been available since 1993. LinuxForce has been developing Debian-based systems since 1996.

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Additional reasons to choose Debian include:

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Debian Projects Targeting Important Market Segments

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