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Saturday,   13   July   2024

LinuxForce Cluster Services

High Availability Design Combined with Implementation Expertise and 24x7 System Monitoring and Support

LinuxForce's advanced approach to Server Clusters allows businesses to protect valuable data and assure continuity for their virtualized systems while minimizing overall costs, maximizing performance and freeing up staff time.

LinuxForce Cluster Services can help businesses maximize the availability, monitoring and upkeep of their critical systems. The service works by arranging multiple Linux servers in a 'cluster' configuration. Each server individually hosts critical data on Linux virtual machines (VMs) that are then replicated onto other physical servers. This unique service reduces server failure outages from hours to a matter of minutes by automatically migrating VMs to redundant hardware. Then diagnosis and recovery can proceed while services continue on another virtual server.

In order to offer our clients a fully-managed, proactive system with maximum data protection, we can combine a Linux Server Cluster with our remotely-provided systems administration service called Remote Responder℠.

The key benefits of LinuxForce Cluster Services include:

Let us Configure a Linux Server Cluster Project to Meet Your Needs! We provide…

Our Linux expertise and remote management services let your staff focus on your core business rather than worry about your infrastructure, while still keeping your systems in-house or colocated instead of in the public cloud.

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