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Thursday,   30   November   2023

LinuxForce Case Studies

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LINUXFORCE SERVICE: LinuxForce Linux Systems Analysis and Audit

ORGANIZATION: David's Bridal

DESCRIPTION: David's Bridal uses Samba SMB (Server Message Block) file services running on Red Hat Linux 8.0. These systems are deployed in over 230 locations for providing a Windows file sharing network device to a Point-Of-Sale (POS) application being developed in-house. Unfortunately, the system experienced a number of file sharing errors that affected a Microsoft Access Database resulting in file corruption and deadlocking. The manager needed an experienced Linux person to help analyze and resolve the problems. After some research, he found that LinuxForce could help.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: David's Bridal uses Linux based Samba systems in Mission Critical applications as part of an IT Infrastructure that connects retail POS Systems at over 230 stores back to a mainframe at headquarters. They needed an expert analysis and audit of the Linux system software and configuration to ensure correct operation of their systems.

LINUXFORCE SOLUTION: Expert systems analysis and auditing. After carefully listening to the descriptions of the problem and symptoms, LinuxForce analyzed the configuration, systems software, and log files and determined the options needed to address the situation. LinuxForce's findings were detailed in a technical audit report presented to management.

RESULTS: David's Bridal decided to immediately deploy the LinuxForce recommended changes and have indicated that they were happy with the results.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: LinuxForce did a great job for David's Bridal. They came up with a plan to assist us in finding the source of some difficult problems, then helped us resolve them. LinuxForce also made a number of astute recommendations for our system. We would feel comfortable using them again. -- Ajai Nair, David's Bridal

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