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Saturday,   13   July   2024

LinuxForce Case Studies

Customers Want Results. LinuxForce℠ Delivers Results.

Organizations want the confidence that when they choose an IT partner, that partner can deliver real-world results in the most demanding situations on time and within budget. At LinuxForce, we pride ourselves on being able to do just that. In fact, we've been doing it for over a decade.

LINUXFORCE SERVICE: Guardian 24/7 Support to provide remote systems administrationassistance.


DESCRIPTION: Institutional equity manager offering both active and passive equity investment management strategies based on mathematical and statistical principles. Manages portfolios in core, growth and index styles.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Required on-call technical support and maintenance for a variety of Linux systems including a 16-node Beowulf super-computer, firewall Internet gateway, and internal router to the company's Florida office (for internal Web service, DNS, mail and news). Also has mirrored backup systems across its network.

LINUXFORCE SOLUTION: LinuxForce Guardian 24/7 Support Contract

RESULTS: Client peace of mind. INTECH's systems are reliable, and the company does have in-house support and maintenance. LinuxForce Guardian 24/7 provides an additional layer of backup when in-house personnel are unavailable.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: "We're happy with LinuxForce. The consultants we've met appear to be quite knowledgeable about Linux, and Debian Linux in particular. We were particularly pleased that several of their employees are also Debian developers. They've been very pleasant to work with. I'd be happy to recommend LinuxForce to companies with similar needs as our own." -- Camm Maguire

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