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Thursday,   30   November   2023

LinuxForce Case Studies

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LINUXFORCE SERVICE: Keystone Science Web Server to provide web services for a science education site.

ORGANIZATION: The Franklin Institute/Keystone Science Network

DESCRIPTION: The Franklin Institute, one of the nation's leading science museums and science education centers, is the developer and manager of the Keystone Science Network. This multi-year collaboration with the National Science Center, Unisys Corporation, Pennsylvania Department of Education and selected school districts in Eastern Pennsylvania was created to explore the ways in which information technology might help improve science education in grades K-8.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Create an online community to support the efforts of geographically dispersed science teachers across Eastern Pennsylvania by providing teachers with access to curriculum materials, publications, science kits as well as a virtual space where they can communicate (via email and live chat) and collaborate with peers. To create this online community, The Franklin Institute needed a Linux based Web server built and configured to their specifications.

LINUXFORCE SOLUTION: LinuxForce Keystone Web Server running the Debian GNU/Linux OS. Configured to meet the client's initial requirements and to scale to support Keystone Science Network growth.

RESULTS: The Keystone Science Network site ( is up and running. Teachers across Eastern Pennsylvania are using the site and the online teacher community is growing.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: "LinuxForce gave us a real head start on our work. We have 5 years of experience building and managing Web sites. By engaging LinuxForce to build the Web server, we were able to devote our internal resources to creating the Web site. By providing an out-of-the box server that met our specifications, LinuxForce enabled us to get up and running more quickly. They're extremely knowledgeable and reliable, they provided great customer service and they delivered exactly what they promised." -- Karen Elinich

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