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Thursday,   30   November   2023

LinuxForce Case Studies

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LINUXFORCE SERVICE: Keystone Samba File Server to provide file sharing services.


DESCRIPTION: Spanco, Inc. has been supplying the overhead crane and hoist market with the best equipment and best prices for over 20 years. Spanco is located on the edge of Pennsylvania's Amish country in Morgantown, PA. From this location their specially trained technical sales and engineering staff work to ensure efficient customer service, quality production, and on-time delivery. The company has sales offices in Canada and Mexico. Spanco is a closely held family corporation. There are approximately 120 employees.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Spanco's network configuration consisted of a Novell file server and seven NT workstations including a 3D CAD/CAM system that writes large files concurrently. The server receives heavy daily use by engineers who are designing the cranes and heavy lifting equipment that the company manufactures. Their Novell file server was costly to maintain and would break periodically and they understood that Linux could provide a low maintenance solution. Spanco wanted to decrease the costly down time associated with their current network configuration and increase their overall efficiency and productivity. Spanco was looking for a solution that was reliable, cost effective and scalable.

LINUXFORCE SOLUTION: After an initial on-site visit to Spanco to assess their current situation, LinuxForce recognized Spanco's needs to meet intense competitive demands and to reduce cost. LinuxForce submitted a written proposal including the file server hardware, configuration, and integration with Spanco's engineering workstations.

RESULTS: LinuxForce installed and configured a Linux file and print server and successfully migrated all of Spanco's file and print services to Linux. By installing two 18 GB disks in a RAID-1 array, they were able to exceed the scalability demands that future use of the CAD software might impose. All seven NT workstations were configured to connect to the server and access the file and print services. A 12/24 GB DDS-3 DAT tape backup drive was also installed to archive mission critical data for historical purposes and as backup. A CD writer was installed to support burning CDs as a more permanent backup solution and also as a means to prepare custom CDs for customers and suppliers. Included in the solution was the training of Spanco's personnel in the utilization of Samba file and print services management.

BENEFITS: Migrating to a Linux solution reduces the total cost of ownership through lower maintenance costs. The savings incurred can be allocated to other areas of a department. With the assistance of LinuxForce, Spanco migrated seamlessly from a Novell server to a Linux server environment allowing for increased support. The benefits of a Linux operating system include multitasking, virtual memory, a reliable and efficient TCP/IP stack and multiuser capabilities. Linux runs in full protected mode and supports 32- and 64-bit architectures. Spanco's migration to Linux placed them on the forefront of leading edge technology. The implementation of a Linux solution provides the platform upon which the company can adopt further low maintenance solutions for all lines of business, thus increasing productivity and sales.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: "Spanco, Inc. has installed a Linux file and print server in our Engineering Department. The system was built and installed by LinuxForce, Inc. LinuxForce treated us professionally with a special emphasis on personal service. LinuxForce's staff made our entrance into the Linux arena a positive one." -- Vincent J. Finley

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