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LINUXFORCE SERVICE: LinuxForce Cluster Services

ORGANIZATION: The Franklin Institute Science Museum

DESCRIPTION: Located in the heart of Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute is a renowned and innovative leader in the field of science and technology learning, as well as a dynamic center of activity. Pennsylvania's most visited museum, it is dedicated to creating a passion for learning about science by offering access to hands-on science education. The Institute has become a dynamic agent of change through its rich array of internationally recognized exhibitions and programs, lectures and discussions. The Institute relies heavily on technology and particularly Information Technology (IT) as important foundational systems in order to fulfill its mission. Of the three IT systems operating at the Franklin Institute, one of the most important is the public facing web site because that is how many people are introduced to the Institute, how they find out about exhibits, educational programs and the very popular IMAX Theater.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: As with many growing, vibrant organizations, The Franklin Institute found itself adding new public facing web site servers as their educational programs expanded and as their dependence on technology grew. The end result of this configuration was larger than necessary server maintenance expenses and increased levels of downtime. LinuxForce was consulted and brought in to analyze the situation and propose a solution.

LINUXFORCE SOLUTION: After a thorough analysis of Franklin Institute's public facing web site infrastructure, the existing server configuration and future needs, LinuxForce recommended a customized, LinuxForce-developed, server-cluster configuration running the Debian GNU/Linux Operating System, a collection of software based around the Linux kernel, pre-configured for ease of installation, administration, and use. The Debian Operating System is designed for easy upgrades with minimum downtime. This configuration also allowed for the repurposing of existing equipment resulting in minimized investment in new equipment and labor.

RESULTS: The LinuxForce customized cluster-server configuration all but eliminates system downtime. It also improves system reliability. In addition, the monthly operating costs for this clustered server configuration were a full 25% less than the previous configuration, after amortizing the investment in up-to-date server equipment and the installation of the Operating System. This clustered server configuration is now running the Franklin Institute public facing web site, and from the comments of Kathryn Giorgianni, Director of Information Technology, that you can read below, shows how successful this clustered server configuration has been. This LinuxForce-developed, server-cluster configuration has reduced operating costs, enhanced reliability and now allows for easy upgrades with only planned system downtime.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: "We are very happy with LinuxForce and their customized Clustered-Server platform running the Debian Operating System. This clustered configuration does not require specialized shared storage, does not require identical kinds of server equipment, and does not require the same software release, making it much less expensive to configure and operate. Because the software is open source, there are no licensing fees. We have also found LinuxForce to be a great company to work with." --- Kathryn Giorgianni, Director of Information Technology, the Franklin Institute.

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